Spiders squashed in 15th AHA Winter Season

The Spiders 15th season of AHA hockey saw the Spiders maintain a vice grip hold so tight on the C3 cellar and their Eastons, both turned into sawdust, finishing with a record-setting and all-AHA worst record in the team’s history. With stats that recalled the team’s first season in the league, a single win and a single tie gave the Spiders three points, locking in the earliest ever playoff contention elimination (week 14) in the team’s history.

Heading into the season, the Spiders welcomed back two veterans, with one Spider veteran (and team physician) heading to likely permanent IR, and two others remaining on IR. And luckily, got one player back at the end of the season after an extended stay on IR. The Spiders also made a rare midseason trade.

After an OK start with competitive games and a −1.4 goal differential through the first five games, the second half of the season saw the Spiders freeze up colder than a Polar Vortex, with a 49-goal differential total in 10 games, averaging to a −4.45-goal margin per game, that added up to an overall offensive falloff of 28 goals from 2017–18, and 31 on the defensive side. A 12-game losing streak, which featured a month-long goalless streak, locked the team into the franchise record books with the longest losing streak and worst record in team history, and landed the Spiders at the very bottom of the entire AHA standings.

If there are any highlights in the season, it was some minor “moral” victories:

  • Getting points out of two playoff-bound teams (LED Nord (#2) and Knights (#4)).
  • Only getting shut out by playoff-bound teams (Maroons, Moose, LED Nord).
  • The Spiders got lit up by the C3 East leader board, meaning the Spiders weren’t the only team to get put through the “ringer.”
  • The Spiders got to face the leading C3 goalie (and fourth overall for the AHA) three times, who ended the regular season with a 1.95 GAA (no doubt helped by the 0.67 vs. the Spiders).
    That’s tied with the best GAA at C3 in four seasons (2017–18: Heather Rogers of the F’ing Loons: 1.95 GAA), and fourth-best GAA since the formation of the C3 level (2014–15: Stephan Mitson of the Leafs: 1.44; 2012–13, Brandon Latack of the Wingmen: 1.40; 2011–12, Brandon Latack again: 1.72).
  • The team’s best PK stats since 2013–14 (only 5 PPG allowed on 42 opportunities), which earned the Spiders the third-best PK (91.89%) in C3 East (behind Moose at 96.97% and LED Nord at 92%).
  • No major penalties in any games, despite a dramatic uptick league-wide.

Otherwise, the Spiders spent most of the season crafting highlight reels for the other C3 East teams, marked by hat tricks, Texas-sized hat tricks, Lemieux-sized hat tricks (had to look that one up!), runtime clocks, tape-to-tape turnovers, shorthanded goals and shutout celebrations.

The upper-level Spider squads had mixed results this season, following a split into two teams after a Cinderella run to the B3 final last April. The B3 Spiders slightly improved on C3’s record, at 2–14–3–1 and 8 points to finish in last in B3 West. And the new B1 Spiders squad went 8–10–2–0 and 18 points, to finish in 7th place.

Standings summary

Missing the AHA playoffs for the fifth consecutive season, the Spiders now have missed the playoffs a total of eight seasons out of 15, having made the post-season seven consecutive years from the 2008–09 championship run to 2013–14’s playoff drubbing.

The Spiders finished the regular season in 10th place in C3 East out of 10 teams, with an 1–18–1–0 record and three points, a slight setback from last season’s 7th place finish (8–10–1–1 record and 18 points).

This was the team’s eighth losing season, with the Beginner School, 2005–06 inaugural winter season, the 2007–08 first season at D1, and the last four seasons representing the others.

As with last season’s recap, an abbreviated (and unaudited) look at the Spiders season, by the numbers:

Team stat highlights

Spiders vs. Knights, March 2, 2019.

Result stats

Longest winning streak:
1 (Dec. 23, 2018)
Longest losing streak:
12 (Dec. 30, 2018 – March 21, 2019)
Longest shutout streak:
2 (Jan. 13–20, 2019)
One-goal losses this season:
One-goal games this season:
10-goal losses this season:
Come-from-ahead losses this season:
Come-from-behind wins this season:
Come-from-ahead ties this season:
1 (11/17/2018 vs. Les Étoiles du Nord)
Number of games in which Spiders held a one-goal lead:
11 (1–9–1)
Number of games in which Spiders held a two-goal lead:
2 (1–0–1)
Number of games in which Spiders held a lead after opponent scored first:
2 (0–2)
Number of minutes in which Spiders held a lead in games lost:
58 minutes 20 seconds, across 18 games, or average of 3:23 out of 51:00 per game.
Longest lead Spiders held in a loss:
20:51 (11/27/2018 vs. Icedogs)
Shortest lead Spiders held in a loss:
37 seconds (1/3/2019 vs. Wildcats)
Spiders vs. Knights, March 2, 2019

Bench stats

Longest bench:
15 (3 times; record: 0–3–0–0)
Shortest bench:
10 (1 time; record: 0–1)
Average bench:
13.1 skaters
Average roster differential:
Largest dressing room:
Woog 2
Humidest dressing room:
Coldest dressing room:
Number of dressing rooms shared with Learn To Skate families:
Coldest arena (indoor):
Harding, Highland (tied)
Lousiest ice:
SLP Outdoor
Number of games in which water bottles froze solid on the bench:
Number of games played on Olympic ice (200′x100′):
Number of games at Highland:
Number of games in which a dog was wandering the arena:
Spiders vs. Maroons, Nov. 17, 2018

Goal stats

Fastest goal for:
12 seconds in: 16:48, 1st period (12/23/2018 vs. Knights, by Jason Freed)
Fastest goal against:
30 seconds in: 16:30, 1st period (3/13/2019 vs. Wildcats)
Latest first goal for:
15:12, 3rd period (11/11/2018 vs. Moose, by Paul Berman)
Latest last goal for:
2:30, 3rd period (11/17/2018 vs. Les Étoiles du Nord, by Dave Sommerness)
Latest first opponent goal:
4:54, 3rd period (12/16/2018 vs. Maroons — second year running)
Latest last opponent goal:
00:07.0, 3rd period (11/27/2018 vs. Icedogs)
Quickest back-to-back goals for:
78 seconds (12/1/2018, vs. Ak Bars)
Quickest back-to-back goals against:
18 seconds (1/13/2019 vs. Moose)
Quickest response goal for:
30 seconds (12/9/2018, vs. Royals)
Quickest reponse goal against:
21 seconds (2/17/2019, vs. Royals)
Most goals for:
4 (11/27/2018 vs. Icedogs)
Most goals against:
11 (2/23/2019 vs. Maroons)
Most goals (both teams combined):
12 (2/23/2019 vs. Maroons)
Number of hat tricks (3 goals) by opponents:
Number of natural hat tricks (3 consecutive goals) by opponents:
1 (12/1/2018, N. Anderson, Ak Bars)
Number of Texas hat tricks (4 goals) by opponents:
3 (11/27/2018, J. Kaszas, IceDogs); (12/1/2018, N. Anderson, Ak Bars); (12/9/2018, A. Reed, Royals)
Number of Lemieux hat tricks (5 goals) by oppoents:
1 (12/9/2018, A. Reed, Royals)
Spiders vs. Maroons, Dec. 16, 2018

Shot stats

Most shots for:
38 (3/8/2019 vs. Arctic Wolves)
Fewest shots for:
17 (12/30/2018 vs. Arctic Wolves)
Most shots against:
48 (1/13/2019 vs. Moose)
Fewest shots against:
14 (12/23/2018 vs. Knights)
Most shots (both teams combined):
74 (12/9/2018 vs. Royals)
Fewest shots (both teams combined):
41 (12/23/2018 vs. Knights)
Spiders vs. Arctic Wolves, March 19, 2016.

Penalty stats

Most Spider penalties:
5 (twice: 1/13/2019 vs. Wildcats and 3/13/2019 vs. Wildcats)
Most opponent penalties:
7 (12/1/2018 vs. Ak Bars)
Most opponent penalty minutes:
14 (on 7 penalties) (12/1/2018 vs. Ak Bars)
Most combined penalties:
11 (1/13/2019 vs. Wildcats)
Number of games with no penalties by Spiders:
1 (12/9/2018 vs. Royals)
Number of games with no opponent penalties:
3 (12/30/2018 vs. Arctic Wolves; 2/3/2019 vs. Maroons; 3/2/2019 vs. Knights)
Number of games with no penalties by either team:
Number of games where Spiders had more penalties than opponent:
Number of games where Spiders had fewer penalties than opponent:
Number of games where Spiders and opponent had equal penalties:
Most frequently called penalty on Spiders:
Tripping (14 times)
Most frequently called penalty on opponents:
Tripping (17 times)
Most frequently called penalty (both teams combined):
Tripping (31 times)
Number of major and/or misconduct penalties assessed against opponents:

Player stat highlights

Most goals per game:
2: Eric Grotbeck (11/27/2018); Paul Berman (12/1/2018); Rich Elling (3/21/2019)
Most assists per game:
2: Dave Schuster (11/3/2018); Chris Pettengill (11/27/2018); Eric Grotbeck (12/1/2018); Tim Bullock (2/9/2019); Mike Schroeder (3/2/2019); Tim Bullock (3/8/2019); Eric Grotbeck and Mike Schroeder (3/21/2019)
Most PIM per game:
6: Brad Sutton (3/13/2019)
Most natural PIM hat tricks:
1: Brad Sutton (3/13/2019)
Most power play goals:
1 (3-way tie): Eric Grotbeck, John Andres, Tim Bullock
Most game-winning goals:
1: Eric Grotbeck
Most game-tying goals:
1: Dave Sommerness
Most shorthanded goals:
0 (20-way tie)
Most PIM:
14: Brad Sutton
Fewest PIM:
0: Dave Schuster (second year running); Jason Freed; Derek Elling
Most penalties leading to opponent goal:
3: Chris Pettengill
Number of goals scored from Schuster’s Office™:
Not enough
Spiders vs. Royals, Dec. 9, 2019


Most saves per game:
42 (1/13/2019 vs. Moose, Bill McCormick)
Fewest saves per game:
12 (12/23/2018 vs. Knights, Bill McCormick)
Fewest saves per game in a win:
12 (12/23/2018 vs. Knights, Bill McCormick)
Most saves per game in a win:
12 (12/23/2018 vs. Knights, Bill McCormick)
Most saves per game in a tie:
32 (11/17/2018 vs. Les Étoiles du Nord, Bill McCormick)
Most saves per game in a loss:
42 (1/13/2019 vs. Moose, Bill McCormick)


Most games played:
19 (Bill McCormick)
Most scratches (non-sub):
13 (Rich Elling)
Number of games played in lost-and-found-sourced small-size breezers:
Most on-ice season-ending injuries:
Most pre-season season-ending injuries:
Most on-ice almost season-ending injuries:
Number of games missed due to team bus flu:
Too many


Spiders vs. Ak Bars, Feb. 9, 2019
Number of games with fewer than two refs:
Number of games with fewer than two refs fully dressed to start the game:
Ref with most Spider games this season:
Brent Hanson, Michael Bernard, Scott Johnson, Mark Winters (Four-way tie; 3 games)
Ref with most Spider losses this season:
Brent Hanson, Michael Bernard, Scott Johnson (Three-way tie; 3 losses)
Ref with most Spider losses this season:
Ref with most Spider penalty calls this season:
Mark Winters (12)
Ref with most penalty calls (both teams) this season:
Mark Winters (21)
Ref with highest average penalty calls (both teams) per game officiated this season:
Leonard Poppenhagen (11)
Scorekeeper with best DJ skills:
Brian Vesall

Record book

Team records set or tied this season

Fewest wins in regular season
1 game (2018–19)
2 games (2005–06)
0 games (seven-game season; 2004–05)
Most losses in regular season
18 games (tied, 2018–19)
18 games (tied, 17 in regulation, one OTL; 2005–06)
7 games (2004–05)
Most shutout losses in regular season
3 games (tied, 2018–19: 2–0 vs. Maroons, 6–0 vs. Moose, 4–0 vs. Les Étoiles du Nord)
3 games (tied, 2007–08: 9–0 vs. Royals, 15–0 vs. Jets, 10–0 vs. Royals)
2 games (2005–06: 3–0 vs. Maroons, and 5–0 vs. Stars)
Fewest points in regular season
3 points (2018–19)
5 points (2005–06)
0 points (seven-game season; 2004–05)
Longest losing streak
12 games (2018–19)
8 games, tied (2015–16)
8 games, tied (2005–06 – twice)
8 games, tied (2004–05)
Fewest goals (season)
29 (2004–05; seven-game season; 35 including playoffs: 29+6)
34 (2018–19)
45, tied (2005–06)
45, tied (2007–08)
Most shorthanded goals allowed (season)
6 (tied; 2018–19)
6 (tied; 2005–06)
Most shorthanded goals allowed (game)
3, vs. Ak Bars (12/2/2018)
2 (tied), vs. Mastodons (1/16/2016)
2 (tied), vs. Mastodons (3/22/2015)
2 (tied), vs. Renegades (2/24/2008)
Most shorthanded goals allowed (per power play)
2, vs. Ak Bars (12/2/2018)
2 (double minor), vs. Mastodons (1/16/2016)

Spiders Stat leader board


Eric Grotbeck:


Eric Grotbeck:


Eric Grotbeck:

Assists (by goalie)

Bill McCormick:

Power Play Goals

John Andres:
Tim Bullock:
Eric Grotbeck:

Game-Winning Goals

Eric Grotbeck:

Game-Tying Goals

Dave Sommerness:

Shorthanded Goals

0 (20-way tie)

Penalty Minutes

Brad Sutton:

Point leaders


Goal leaders


Assist leaders


PIM leaders


Opponent leader board

Who had the Spiders’ number — to rack up their own numbers — this season?


Moose #92*, R. Riepe:
8 (3G+5A)


Royals #19*, A. Reed:


Moose #21, A. Clevette:


Four-way tie:

Ak Bars #13, D. Deyev:
Ak Bars #25, N. Miligoulo:
Ak Bars #47*,**, P. Zakharov:
Moose #23, C. Halbach:

Game-Winning Goals

Arctic Wolves #58, B. Nevison:

Shorthanded Goals

Ak Bars #7, N. Anderson*:

Power-Play Goals

Five-way tie:

Goaltending: GAA

W. Tschida , #7, Maroons:
0.50 (2GP)

Goaltending: Sv%

W. Tschida , #7, Maroons:
.980 (2GP)

Goaltending: Wins

John Bader*,**, #37, Moose:
3 (3GP)

Goaltending: Shutouts

Three-way tie:

John Bader*,**,***, #37, Moose:
1 (3GP)
W. Tschida , #7, Maroons:
1 (2GP)
T. Agerter, #30, Les Étoiles du Nord:
1 (2GP)

* Led C3 East in category.
** Led C3 level in category.
*** Led all AHA in category (via goallinestats.com).

Game-by-game stats

Spiders vs. Maroons, Dec. 16, 2018

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