2018–19 AHA C3 Spiders

C3 Spiders Standings Summary
20 1 18 1 0 3 37 102 96 0–5–0
The latest:
Box Score – 3/21/2019
Team 1 2 3 F
Icedogs 2 2 4 8
Spiders 2 0 1 3
Next up:
No games coming up.
2018–18 Post-Season recap

Winter made its triumphant last-gasp return to the State of Hockey with a bomb cyclone to add to this season’s earlier Polar Vortex, signaling the AHA to finally finish up the 2018–19 winter season. more …

Spiders in the C3 final?

If you look quickly enough, you’ll see the Spiders have been invited to take on the LED Nord at 6 p.m. in the C3 championship game! more …

2018–19 C3 Playoff Preview

Now that winter is a long-forgotten memory in the State of Hockey, it’s time for the AHA Winter Season playoffs. Except for the Spiders of course, who were able to make their April golf vacation plans way back in November. more …

Spiders squashed in 15th AHA Winter Season

The Spiders 15th season of AHA hockey saw the Spiders maintain a vice grip hold so tight on the C3 cellar and their Eastons, both turned into sawdust more …

Spiders lose in Spider-like fashion to shut the door on 2018–19 season

Come-from-ahead disintegration in 8–3 loss to Icedogs ensures Spiders hold the worst record across the entire AHA. more …

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