2019–20 AHA C3 Spiders

The latest:
Box Score – 10/3/2020
Team 1 2 3 F
Fighting Loons 3 3 2 8
Spiders 0 5 1 6
Next up:
No games coming up.
Spiders outnumbered in final playoff game

The understaffed bench vs. the Saints led to a 3–1 defeat. more …

Fish eat Spiders

The second game of the post-season round robin was another close call, but went the way of the Walleye 4–3 more …

Spiders vs. Gold Rush vs. Spiders vs...

The first playoff matchup of the winter season was a very familiar opponent. more …

Playoffs start today

The Spiders are headed back to the playoffs for their ninth winter post-season appearance, and third in a row (if you count the Toilet Bowl Tourney). more …

Spiders hold Loons fan to just three bird call sirens

The legendary Loon megaphoned goal siren made its return appearance at Highland for the last game of the regular season. more …

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