AHA C3 Spiders 2019–20 Schedule

2019–20 C3 Spiders Schedule (Regular Season)
Date Time (CT) Arena Home Away
Hopkins (map) Flying Hellfish Spiders
Hopkins (map) Spiders Wildcats
Highland S (map) Nordeasters Spiders
Highland S (map) Spiders Hooligans
VMCC W (map) Blade Runners Spiders
Breck (map) Spiders Troopers
Richfield 2 (map) Spartans Spiders
Braemar W (map) Spiders Ice Hawks
Tria Rink (map) Spiders Flying Hellfish
EPCC 1 (map) Wildcats Spiders
New Hope S (map) Spiders Nordeasters
Breck (map) Hooligans Spiders
Richfield 2 (map) Spiders Spartans
Highland S (map) Spiders Blade Runners
Richfield 2 (map) Troopers C3 Spiders
Northeast (map) Spiders Spartans
Richfield 2 (map) Ice Hawks Spiders
EPCC 1 (map) Flying Hellfish Spiders
Highland N (map) Spiders Wildcats
New Hope S (map) Nordeasters Spiders

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