C3 Spiders, Gold Rush, Wolfpack and friends again hit the summer ice as the ‘Snipers’

A selection of C3 Spiders along with friends from the Gold Rush and the Wolfpack, will again hit the summer ice beginning June 3, as the Snipers, competing at Level 5 (C3 equivalent).

As is the AHA’s summer league tradition, the league has named teams with a selection of hockey lingo names for the summer season, and the name chosen for the Spiders/Wingmen/Gold Rush brings to mind a group that can’t quite shoot straight ... the Snipers.

Lacing up for the Snipers:

First game is against the Bar Downs (D1 Moose), Sunday, June 3, at Richfield.

Follow the Snipers all summer with an abbreviated version of the usual stats and boxscores:

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