Changes to the Spiders 2011–12 roster

With the new season and the move to the new C3 level, the C3 Spiders’ 2011–12 roster is now set, and has gone through considerable change since last season.

As the team welcomes new faces to the roster, the Spiders say their inevitable goodbyes to:

  • Winningest Spiders netminder ever – Travis Fransen, who moves up to C2 to backstop the Roadrunners after one year with the Spiders.
  • Highest-scoring Spider ever – Jake Cison, who will join Travis on the Roadrunners, and departs after one season on the Semper Fi line, holding most offensive records in the Spiders’ history, including: Most assists per game (tied), Most points per game, Most goals (season), Most assists (season), Most points (season), and Most Hat Tricks (season; tied).
  • Tim Wahlberg also departs the Spiders after one season, headed east to play for the Detroit Red Wings of the NHL adult league.
  • Two-year veteran Christian Heitzman heads full-time to the C2 Sharks, where he had subbed last season. Christian led the D1 level for assists in 2009–10.
  • Two-year veteran, and one-third of the Semper Fi line, Cody Yard, who will be subbing and the C2 Sharks, but mostly coaching in the Minnesota Correctional League.
  • Three-year veteran Chris Flannery, also moving full-time to the C2 Sharks, and departs holding the all-time D1 Spiders career stats in points (64) and goals (41).
  • Three-year veteran Nick Ungaro, will go on hiatus this season. According to his agent, Nick is holding out for a more favorable contract.
  • And finally, Brad Caron, architect of two D1 championship-caliber teams, and Spiders captain since 2008 (alternate in 2007–08), will take a season off as well.

New to the Spiders

Soon to be wearing the red-and-white, the Spiders welcome:

  • In yet another trade with the D2 (now D1) Ice Sages for draft picks to named later and/or future considerations:
  • Via Rick Fritz and JMS:
  • Via Christian Heitzman and the D1 Chaos, subbing this season:
  • Via David Schuster:
  • Via Eric Grotbeck and the Summer L4 Long Toms:
  • And finally, in the net, from the C2 Saints, and former D1 Buccanneers (with Pettengill, Droullard and Ungaro):

Welcome to the Spiders!

They join the returning group of 12 veteran Spiders in their seventh AHA Winter season, eighth including Beginner School, and the latest bid to return to the post-season for the fourth consecutive year.

Check out the full 2011–12 C3 Spiders roster.

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