2013–14 C3 Spiders Roster

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2013–14 AHA C3 Spiders

2013–14 C3 Spiders: Back row (l to r): John Pellicci, George Farner, Jon Pappone, Brad Sutton, David Lavigne, Andy Schwinn, Mike Schroeder, Paul LaCosse, Cory Vandenberghe, Dave Henke
Middle row: Jeremy Litton, Tim Byland, Eric Grotbeck, Rick Fritz, Dave Schuster, Paul Berman, Mike Johnson, Jason Freed, Rob Droullard
Front row: Bill McCormick

2013–14 C3 Spiders Roster
Player No. Pos. S/C Yrs.
Paul Berman 29 LW R 3
Tim Byland 12 D, RW L 3
Rob Droullard 9 LW, D R 6
George Farner 27 LW, D L 3
Jason Freed 55 LW L 4
Rick Fritz 19 D, RW R 3
Eric Grotbeck (A) 18 D, C L 4
Dave Henke (S) 3 RW R 2
Mike Johnson 38 C, RW R 7
Paul LaCosse 26 D R 10
Dave Lavigne 42 RW R 3
Jeremy Litton (C) 14 D R 9
Bill McCormick (G) 1 G L 3
Jon Pappone 11 D, LW L 3
John Pellicci 50 C, RW R 5
Mike Schroeder (A) 63 D R 4
David Schuster 5 RW L 4
Andy Schwinn (S) 17 C, RW, LW R 3
Brad Sutton 87 D, W L 2
Cory Vandenberghe (S) 82 C, RW R 6
  • C = Captain
  • A = Alternate Captain
  • S = Substitute player
  • SG = Substitute goalie

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