2004–05 Beginner Spiders Roster

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The Spiders’ first year in the AHA, in the Beginner School.

2004–05 AHA Spiders

(L to R) Back row: Paul LaCosse, Mark Franklin, Carlos Eberhardt, Marc Berris, Mat Ronnei, Bob Jensen, Tom Mutak.
Middle row: Deb Brinkman, John Rajes, Ted Samsel, Anton Petsan, Steve Tangen, Tim Johanson.
Front row: Jeff Keacher.
Not pictured: Lu Kwan, Mike Hall.

2004–05 Beginner Spiders Roster
Player No. Pos. S/C Yrs.
Marc Berris (A) 18 D, RW R 1
Deb Brinkman 16 LW L 1
Carlos Eberhardt (A) 11 D R 1
Mark Franklin 7 LW R 1
Mike Hall 3 C 1
Bob Jensen 5 RW R 1
Tim Johanson 4 D L 1
Jeff Keacher 31 G L 1
Lulu Kwan 17 LW R 1
Paul LaCosse 26 D R 1
Tomislav Mutak 77 C R 1
Anton Petsan 12 LW L 1
John Rajes 8 RW, C, D R 1
Mat Ronnei (C) 13 RW R 1
Ted Samsel 21 RW, C R 1
Steve Tangen 9 C R 1
  • C = Captain
  • A = Alternate Captain
  • S = Substitute player
  • SG = Substitute goalie

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