Spiders get ready for the 2021–22 Winter Season

The AHA 2021–22 winter season, the league’s 21st year and the Spiders’ 18th, gets underway this weekend. After last season, the league looks to get back to “normal,” with many teams that elected not to participate last season getting back on the ice.

The Spiders are featured on DST opening night against the Black Ice. It’s your first chance to see the Spiders’ 2021–22 roster, with a few changes since last season.

Saying farewell:

Returning from last season’s hiatus:

Welcome back!

And welcome to Spiders:

  • Goaltender Suzanne Kellogg, who has netminded with the Spiders for many summer seasons, as well as the Gold Rush, and now defunct Shame On Ice.

The B2 Spiders also ended up not fielding a team again this season, which means only the C3 Spiders will be wearing the Red and White this fall.

The team captaincy remains unchanged following the usual unanimous single vote by Dave Schuster: Jeremy Litton as captain, and Eric Grotbeck and Michael Schroeder as alternates.

The rest of the Spiders’ roster remains the same (albeit another year closer to the AARP league eligibility) and is ready to hit the ice to kick off the Spiders’ 18th season in the AHA (17th winter season; 18th including Beginner School), and will look to earn their spot in the AHA post-season rather than get bracketed in.

Check out the full 2021–22 C3 Spiders roster.

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