Spiders lace ’em up this summer for AHA summer league

Six Spiders will be escaping the summer heat to play in the AHA 2006 summer league on a team comprising Spiders and Thunder Chickens, along with others, under the moniker “Thunder Spiders.”

Spiders on the roster:

For more information, see the AHA website for:

Thunder Spiders Summer 2006 Schedule
Date Day Time Location Home Away
6/11/2006 Sun 6:15 p.m. SLP East Thunder Spiders Crocs
6/14/2006 Wed 6:00 p.m. SLP West Huskies Thunder Spiders
6/19/2006 Mon 8:40 p.m. Wakota – Rink 2 Thunder Spiders Hornets
6/25/2006 Sun 6:30 p.m. Plymouth A Guppies Thunder Spiders
7/9/2006 Sun 8:15 p.m. Plymouth B Thunder Spiders Otters
7/11/2006 Tue 9:00 p.m. Richfield–West Coyotes Thunder Spiders
7/17/2006 Mon 7:40 p.m. St Thomas Academy Crocs Thunder Spiders
7/23/2006 Sun 9:45 p.m. SLP East Thunder Spiders Huskies
7/30/2006 Sun 8:45 p.m. St Paul Academy Hornets Thunder Spiders
8/7/2006 Mon 7:40 p.m. St Thomas Academy Thunder Spiders Guppies
8/9/2006 Wed 8:00 p.m. SLP East Otters Thunder Spiders
8/14/2006 Mon 7:40 p.m. St Thomas Academy Thunder Spiders Coyotes

Full roster

# Player
5 McIntosh, R.
10 Gustafson, B.
11 Schaefer, D.
18 Milbrandt, B.
3 Lindemoen, M.
15 Smestad, D.
8 Anderson, E.
12 Faint, R.
13 Jensen [C], R.
4 Eberhardt, C.
16 Silverman, J.
7 Peterson, J.
14 Litton, J.
6 Mitchell, W.
9 Kvasnik, J.
2 Caron, B.
17 Marais, L.
1 Kirkman, K. (G)

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