Game off

As expected, the AHA has now postponed all games due to the COVID-19/coronavirus situation. That means no Spider hockey this weekend, and the Spiders will look to safely return to the ice to finish up the 2019–20 season vs. the Nordeasters.

As posted on the AHA site:

All Activities Postponed Due to COVID-19

March 16, 2020

AHA Hockey Community,

As the battle against the spread of COVID-19 continues, the CDC has been emphasizing the impact of continued social interaction. As a result, a number of facilities have closed operations impacting our current programs. Because of this, effective immediately all AHA activities are postponed until further notice.

Winter League and Beginner School programs will continue once our playing facilities resume operations. We are hopeful that our Winter League Playoff tournament scheduled for the week of April 19th though the 26th will go on as planned. Obviously, this is dependent on a number of factors concerning timing and ice availability. We will provide future updates as they unfold. We appreciate your patience as we address these issues.

It is difficult to predict the full impact this pandemic will have on our community, and when exactly our hockey life will return to normal. At this time, we expect to continue with all future programs as previously planned including Spring Beginner School, Spring League, Summer League, clinics and evaluations sessions.

We appreciate your continued support of AHA Hockey. It is unfortunate that it has become necessary to put a pause on operations. Many of our players have voiced support for continuing to provide a recreational hockey outlet during these difficult times.

Thank you again for your patience and we hope everyone stays safe.



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