C3 Spiders, Wingmen and friends again hit the summer ice as the ‘Greyhounds’

A selection of C3 Spiders along with friends from the C1 Wingmen, plus the Gold Rush, Northern Horde and Wolfpack, will again hit the summer ice beginning June 4, as the Greyhounds, competing at Level 5 (C3 equivalent).

As is the AHA’s summer league tradition, the league has named teams with a selection of dog breeds for the summer season, and the name chosen for the Spiders/Wingmen brings to mind a puppy yet to be housetrained ... the Greyhounds.

Lacing up for the Greyhounds:

First game is against the Beagles (C3 Royals), Sunday, June 4, at Richfield.

Follow the Greyhounds all summer with an abbreviated version of the usual stats and boxscores:

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