AHA C2 Spiders 2007–08 Schedule

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2007–08 C2 Spiders Schedule (Regular Season)
Date Time (CT) Arena Home Away
Biff Adams (map) Spiders Lakers
New Hope North (map) Admirals Spiders
MMH 1 (map) Spiders Warriors
Richfield East (map) Snowmen Spiders
Breck (map) Spiders Rack Attack
SLP East (map) Eagles Spiders
MMH 1 (map) Spiders Zephyrs
Aldrich (map) Thunder Chickens Spiders
SLP East (map) Spiders Spartans
Coliseum (map) Roadrunners Spiders
SLP East (map) Lakers Spiders
West Side (map) Spiders Admirals
SLP East (map) Warriors Spiders
BIG 3 (map) Spiders Snowmen
Coliseum (map) Rack Attack Spiders
Wakota 2 (map) Spiders Eagles
Richfield East (map) Zephyrs Spiders
MMH 1 (map) Spiders Thunder Chickens
SLP East (map) Spartans Spiders
Augsburg B (map) Spiders Roadrunners

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